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Chapter 4 of PROUD BOY SHOT By ANTIFA ∴ Full In-Depth Story with Proof of Everything

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According to a speech he made on September 25th1, a certain man came from his South Pacific island home in American Samoa to the mainland of America in 2014 for better opportunities.

He said that in the past, he “hated Trump” and that he “believed the media and everything.” He said that in 2017…

…there was a Trump rally in Vancouver, Washington, I didn’t go to it because it was a Sunday and with Samoans…on Sunday, Samoan rules is if you’re not at church, your at the house cooking something to eat, then you stay in the house.

So I look up videos to like try to see these white supremacists. The first guy that I saw looked like a coconut like me. I’m like, hold up, I thought these people was white supremacists. What the hell is going on?

And so I went to Berkeley California at the first rally they had there…and I came across like Latinos that are wearing MAGA hats. But what changed my heart is when I saw a Vietnam Vet like with the MAGA hat getting mobbed by antifa. And me coming from a culture where respect the elderly, respect the females, say hell no. I hopped in and I fought back.

And I came back to Vancouver, did my research, found out I’m an idiot, you know, I’ve been manipulated by the media and I make the promise that I will never allow such thing to happen to anybody that come out to take a stand for America. I’m ‘a be that person to be that human shield in the front line to protect people.

I don’t care. I don’t care what your beliefs is. Violence against people with different political beliefs from you is not protected under the First Amendment. And I was willing to take a stand there. I was willing to fight back to defend people.

That man is Tusitala Toese, affectionately called “Tiny” by friends and allies (and called “white supremacist”, “nazi”, “house negro”, “Uncle Thom” and so on by fools and liars). For years, now, he has been one of antifa’s most hated figures because he often defends people attacked by antifa. He is a white whale to them, an object of obsession and self-defeating hatred. Remember, Ahab ultimately killed himself trying to kill Moby Dick. Tiny is a prized prize, as if he were some sport-hunter’s game to them and not a human. He is apparently near the top of some kill-lists along with Haley Adams, Andy Ngo [archive] and others.



Notice the, “KILL NAZIS” message followed by the Iron Arrows symbol. Keep in mind who they label as Nazis.



Here’s a public threat against Haley

Here is the screenshot in the tweet above.

Haley, mind you, is raising a little girl.

Speaking of such graffiti…


In the image below, you can see what appears to be a banner that antifa took from some Proud Boys. Alissa Azar and Melisa “Claudio” Lewis are posing with the war trophy before it was rendered into a palimpsest2. The original image read “FREE OUR BOYS” with “FAFO” which stands for “Fuck Around and Find Out” and the word “ANTIFA” crossed out.

On top of this was sprayed in red, “KILL PDX PROUD BOYS” placed above the original word “BOYS”. For some reason, PDX means Portland. So this new message, apparently rendered by antifa after the above photo was taken, means “Kill Portland Proud Boys”.


Notice that the original is calling for the release of political prisoners of the government, a government antifa calls “fascist” and “white supremacist”. Notice that the sentiment expressed by these people so-called “anti-fascists” call so-called “fascists” is that of freedom which, it just so happens, is the opposite of fascism. Not exactly fair, is it?

Notice that the so-called ‘anti-fascists’ are calling for those political prisoners of a “fascist white supremacist” government to be killed! Not exactly consistent, is it?

They say that “hate speech” is “verbal violence” and so physically attacking people who are committing “verbal violence” by uttering “hate speech” is self-defense. Not exactly sane, is it?

They say that “hate speech isn’t free speech” and that it should be forbidden by the “fascist white supremacist government”. But here they are calling for killing people. Not exactly free of hypocrisy, is it?

I seem to recall something about “verbal violence” toward and attacks on marginalized people - women like Haley, gay people like Andy, and political prisoners like Enrique Tarrio who is the son of Cuban immigrants and the chairman of the Proud Boys, and people of color like Andy and Tiny - being something that fascists do. Curious, is it not?

These example are given to illustrate the sort of toxic social (media) climate surrounding antifa at the time in the region. That’s not exactly protecting the “marginalized” from white “cishet” men (straight, white, male men) is it? In fact, the exact opposite is true. Tiny was shot when he and his fellow Proud Boys and patriots (including the hotly hated Haley and her man Mack) were in the process of chasing antifa away from their targets - unarmed families exercising their civil rights and, as we’ll see, a “58 year old disabled lady”.

On September 4th, 2021, there was to be a protest against the government mandates, a protest for rights, for freedom and, you could say, against fascism.


True to the saying that in the modern era, fascists will call themselves anti-fascist, antifa, being the opposite of what they pretend to be, and being in lockstep with the government and the police they claim to oppose3, and, however inadvertently, in support of the pharmaceutical companies4, organized to shut them down by any means necessary, as they say.


There was a third flier apparently making the rounds.

Notice the reactionary nature of their event. It was billed as a counter-protest to the protest against the mandates, or, as antifa put it, the ‘gaterhing’ that the ‘anti-vaxxers’ were “planing”. There is no mention of something like a vigil for the antifa ambush-murderer who was killed by law enforcement on September 3rd, 2020.

But then a couple of hours later, apparently as an afterthought, this was tweeted…


Michael Reinhoel was a self-identified antifa who murdered Aaron “Jay” Danielson with a gun and confessed to it while on the run. He was killed by law enforcement shortly after. He is now a martyr for antifa. In the video of the murder and in the security camera footage released afterwards, Danielson and his friend Chandler Pappas were walking through the city of Portland at night to some destination while Reinheol and a handful of others walked behind the unsuspecting pair. Reinheol snuck up close behind, Danielson turned around just in time to be shot dead by Reinheol.

But it is common for antifa to blame the victim…


On the same day as the rally and in the same city, a candidate for Olympia City Council by the name of Candace Mercer planned to film a campaign promo video at City Hall to kickoff her campaign. A local self-proclaimed antifa calling himself allegedly miguel (@antifanewsnetwork)5 and his comrades organized to stop her.

Miguel claims6 that she is close with and coordinated with the Proud Boys and that some out of state Proud Boys stayed at her house. As we will see, she arrived at City Hall after the shooting and was apparently unaware of it until after she held her press conference and left. Candace claims that Miguel is an ex-Mormon.7 This would make sense since people who are programmed by cults and leave them often remain susceptible to falling for other cults.

Backing up to September 2nd, allegedly miguel posted this to Instagram making it clear that, despite his later denials, that is, in fact, what he and fellow antifa planned to do.

Now where have we seen scenes like this before? Ah, yes, in Nazi Germany.

The full text of the post reads…


Candace Mercer, a fascist candidate for Olympia City Council, will shoot a video, with her few fascist supporters, at Olympia City Hall on Saturday the 4th, at 3:30pm. Are you willing to disrupt and shut it down?

Candace Mercer is a racist, anti-homeless grifter, who asks for money for to cover her shitty "Journalism". Her slogan is this is OUR HOME. No, Candace, this is stolen land.

She is supported by fascists such as David Ross, who sent a goon to Livestream and bear spray me in the face last year, Jason Borean AKA Bard's Eye News, and Nate Cisneros, a member of the Proud Boys, as we have a photo of them shaking hands as she campaigned.

She tagged Andy Ngo and Bret Weinstein on Twitter to ask them to dox and find me, after I called her out for her ties to white supremacists in Olympia, WA.

I got her sign from a friend of mine who owns a business downtown who let someone hang it in his shop. After I told him how much she hates Anti-fascists and tbe homeless, he took it down.

Shut down her video shoot.


This has been deleted before anyone could archive it, it seems, but here is a backup of the video. Notice that Miguel accuses Candace of being “anti-homeless”. Apparently, Candace is sincerely concerned with helping the homeless and with changing how the city deals with them. In fact, I would not put it past a city government to try to stop such a person from doing so. Maybe, just maybe, the local government had something to do with redirecting antifa from the rally to Candace.

“I’ve spent four years reporting on Olympia’s homelessness response and housing policy…Healing and housing in Olympia won’t be easy, but I’m confident our residents and businesses are up to the challenge…I will not discriminate by skin color, gender identity or political affiliation. The current policies are not working for anyone. I will have a relentless and urgent focus on affordable housing, homelessness and public safety.”

On September 3rd at 5:31pm8, Candace posted this on Facebook9


I am unfamiliar with the names David Ross, Jason Borean and Nate Cisneros. I asked Candace if she knows them. The short version of her answer is that she’s running for city council, so she’s shaken a lot of hands and talked with a lot of people. But she says she has no connection with Cisneros, whoever that is. She also says that Jason Borean and David Ross have no group affiliation as far as she knows.

Her own comments on this post suggest that she did not know nor was in contact with the Proud Boys. In fact, she expressed some concern about their presence (along with other concerns such as the refusal of the local police to do their job; to do their duty and honor their oath).

On September 3rd at 7:56pm, these were tweeted…



Think about that for a moment. They are saying that the “violent fascists” who planned to hold rally in the park are afraid that antifa will them that they are unwelcome in their city and that therefore the “violent fascists” will attack antifa.

Notice, also, that they are (or expect you to be) stupid enough to believe that the people who would rally for freedom (and therefore against fascism) are fascists and that because antifa are anti-fascists (“It’s in the name, stupid! Antifa just means anti-fascist! You’re not for fascism, are you?”) they should attack the fascists. Also, they are (or expect you to be) stupid enough to believe that they should attack the people rallying for freedom because they are violent.

Also, they are (or expect you to be) stupid enough to believe that it is anti-fascist to autocratically decide that a city is theirs and, in extreme intolerance, use violence to cleanse their city of all deplorables, such as people who want to protest for freedom.

There has been a pattern of antifa attacking people who attend these rallies for freedom. For example, on August 7th, they knowingly, intentionally, unapologetically attacked children (some of them black) at a peaceful family religious rally in a park in Portland and later falsely claimed the Proud Boys were there (which, they are suggesting, means their victims were asking for it, even the black ones, even the children, even the baby). The ability to notice patterns shows intelligence. Knowing what to do about it shows wisdom. It would have been stupid think antifa would not attack again and it would have been unwise to have been unprepared for it.

Haley Adams, who was there with the patriots/Proud Boys when Tiny was shot, would note how antifa have been targeting children. [archive] Miguel would later complain that they were prevented from confronting “just old people with flags and young kids” by, in his words, “fifty-plus Proud Boys, just Proud Boys…or patriot-types but like not…” just defenseless kids and old people. So, Miguel verifies that what Haley posted (on September 5th) is correct…

This is why we came out to Olympia, Washington.

For the past week and a half Antifa have been threatening people like this family for taking stand against Tyranny and forced vaccine, Jay Inslee told all heath care and state workers if they are not vaccinated by October 18th they will be immediately terminated! Am I supposed to sit back and watch my brothers and sisters get attacked? Am I supposed to let a family with children get physically attacked by domestic Terrorists? Innocent families struggling to put food on their childs plate and they can't use their first amendment right to express their concerns because domestic Terrorists threatens them?


I totally understand if my family want me to step back because THE WORLD IS A DANGEROUS PLACE but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't try to HELP! Antifa were coming to this event with bad intentions and to physically assault these people but if it wasn't for the proud boys and us patriots that kept them away from this specific area, families like this would have been targeted, why? Antifa are cowards and go after people they think are weak and they have been targeting children!

One of those domestic Terrorists had obviously plan to use their gun on a Patriot, on a anti vaccine protester or possibly a child!

Thank God a child wasn't shot but instead TINY took a bullet to his foot for protecting and being a MAN! The police won't help, this is why you have men and women stepping up and yes we've had ENOUGH!

What you're witnessing in America right now is communist take over and I sure as hell don't want to be the person at home in the next 10 years asking myself "How did we get here?" "I should have done that" "Maybe if I listened" ...


Don't let fear control your life.

So it seems they were hoping to attack some kids again and when they saw how many able-bodied people were there who could prevent them from doing so, they skipped their first target and moved on to their second target - a 58 year old disabled woman who apparently wants to help the homeless.

September 3, 8:16pm and 8:18pm10

September 3, 8:50pm11

The thread continued…

The thread continues the next morning, on the day of the incident…

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Here is a transcript of (almost) all of his speech:

Time to Wake the Lions - An Inspirational Speech by Tusitala "Tiny" Toese


A Palimpsest is “a manuscript in which a later writing is superimposed on an effaced earlier writing. Of frequent occurrence in the early Middle Ages because of the cost of parchment.” (Oxford Reference)


They get a little sore if you notice that they have sided with the government, police and the companies benefitting from all this and react by attacking strawmen they construct themselves.



It is not necessarily that antifa works for them in the literal sense. It is that, however unwittingly, they are working to their benefit. And, they do it for free! At least most of them are so ideologically possessed that they would do it for free and without any prompting from the government. There may be exceptions, but for the most part, there is hardly a need for the government to be factored into the equation. The fact that they are unpaid stooges (at least most of them are) makes them both more vile and more comic at the same time.


September 5:38pm










It seems that Stonetoss has noticed this as well with the comic strip “Guerilla Marketing”.


As I write this note (2am, Sept 16th, 2021), as far as I can see as a person who does not have an Instagram account, the Instagram account for allegedlymiguel is reduced to “Sorry, this page isn't available and the Instagram account for (what seems to be his) antifanewsnetwork has in the last few minutes gone from “Sorry, this page isn't available” with the URL to the generic login URL. But this seems to be something Instagram does unless one is logged in to Instagram. They seem to let one look a bit and then they block one out unless one has an account and logs in. I managed to (video) screen capture the relevant content from Sept 4th at any rate. See my upcoming video report on this stuff to see the content from that day on the allegedlymiguel and/or antifanewsnetwork Instagrams.

@allegedlymiguel of Antifa News Network


This instagram, like his entire Instagram account, is gone. However, he also accused her of being connected to the Proud Boys in that instagram above. Though deleted, it is still embedded above.


All times given in this report are given in Pacific Standard Time.


Here is a text version of the post in the screenshot [archive]…

“Antifa found out about my rally. No surprise, I had figured they would and I am prepared for anything. I will not back down, and it will not be a good look if they come at a 58 year old disabled woman. Here is a precious video of Miguel Lofland burning my flier! Isn't he cute AF?


Here is a text version of the comments in the screenshot…

“I had a plan already in place because I knew OPD could not protect me, even though I am having the rally OUTSIDE of OPD HQ. I was basically told not to count on them, so....yeah. THIS is 2021. Where today I was asked what size gas mask I need? I have no fucking idea!”

“So I have a personal plan and a team plan. It is more a PITA distraction, it actually has proved how much support I have, I got a ton of people sending me intelligence etc. I wonder why they are so afraid of a 58 year old disabled lady? Why am I so threatening to a bunch of able bodied young white men that they feel the need to take me out?”


“I was anyway, but now I have a streamer too! I am shooting scenes for my campaign video, so I will have to decide what to do about that, if there will be anything I can use. I am not thrilled, I just want to do my thing and have some fun. I don't get why they are so threatened by me. My working hypothesis is there is a real shortage of actual FASCISTS for them to fight, so they have to manufacture them. I do not want this fight, at the same time, I will not take the knee and let them intimidate me. They should be ashamed, a bunch of able bodied young men coming at a disabled 58 year old.”