Time to Wake the Lions

An Inspirational Speech by Tusitala "Tiny" Toese

This is a transcript of a Speech by Tusitala “Tiny” Toese at the SOS: Save Our State Rally in Wapato, Washington on September 25, 2021. Tiny was one of a number of speakers.

Tiny’s speech starts at about 3:44 in the livestream “LIVE: SOS Save our State rally in Wapato, Wa” by The Free Press Media NEWS

…and at about 1:22:45 in the livestream “LIVE: SOS Rally Save Our State In Wapato Washington” by The Common Sense Conservative

Tiny begins with opening banter and crowd-hyping cheers.

“Yep, I’m Tiny. I know you guys are looking at me right now be like, ‘What the hell is - Tiny?’” (laughs)

Man yells, “Darkest white supremacist I’ve ever seen!”

Tiny proceeds, “I’m the most hated white supremacist, Nazi, sellout, Uncle Thom, house negro that - you know, those are all the names that I’ve been called ever since I started taking a stand in 2017. But, a little bit of background; the reason why they call me Tiny is because everybody always mispronounced my name. I got one of them Samoan names. I’m a Samoan from the Island of American Samoa in the South Pacific. Um, I was born and raised there, came here in 2014 for better opportunities and America not only gave me that, it gave me something more. It showed me freedom and liberty and how important we should cherish that.

And my real name is Tusitala” (???????) “Toesie. I try to make it short for people. Call me Toesie. Then they call me Tootsi, Sushi, all this stuff. I’m like call me Tiny, you can’t mispronounce that. I started 2017 taking a stand…”

He pardons himself while drinking a little water.

“…I wasn’t always a Trump supporter. I hated Trump. I believed the media and everything. Um, but when there was a Trump rally in Vancouver, Washington, I didn’t go to it because it was a Sunday and with Samoans - if you have any Samoan friends - you should know that on Sunday, Samoan rules is if you’re not at church, your at the house cooking something to eat, then you stay in the house.

So I look up videos to like try to see these white supremacists. The first guy that I saw looked like a coconut like me. I’m like, hold up, I thought these people was white supremacists. What the hell is going on?

And so I went to Berkeley California at the first rally they had there. You know, show some love for ah Trump and I came across like Latinos that are wearing MAGA hats. But what changed my heart is when I saw a Vietnam Vet like with the MAGA hat getting mobbed by antifa. And me coming from a culture where respect the elderly, respect the females, say hell no. I hopped in and I fought back.

And I came back to Vancouver, did my research, found out I’m an idiot, you know, I’ve been manipulated by the media and I make the promise that I will never allow such thing to happen to anybody that come out to take a stand for America. Ima be that person to be that human shield in the front line to protect people. I don’t care. I don’t care what your beliefs is. Violence against people with different political beliefs from you is not protected under the First Amendment.

And I was willing to take a stand there. I was willing to fight back to defend people. And I’ve always said - and this is why I’m called a white supremacist - even if the person is a neo-nazi, a white supremacist, as long as they’re not committing violence, I will defend their right to hate my skin color. That’s America.

That’s what it is. We’re not fighting a battle between any sides. I don’t care what side you with. Right now at the state this country is in, it’s not a battle between left vs right, conservative vs liberal, Republican vs Democrat, it’s a battle between evil vs good, what’s wrong vs what’s right and it’s time for people to take a stand.

The time to wake up the sheep, the time to educate the sheep is over. It’s time to wake up the lions. It’s time for everybody to come out and say, ‘Hell no! We’re not here to cry for change! We’re not here to tell you - to Hey we want change!’.

No, because if we put it the right way, America is the land of the free, the home of the brave, it should have been the change in the first place. We are free people! Why are we asking for freedom? Why are we trying to cry these politicians, you know, ‘Hey, we don’t want this, we don’t want that.’? It’s either you’re free or you’re not.

I saw a video from one of the brothers. He said, ‘You know, if you have to ask for freedom you’re not free. You’re a damn slave.’ which is true. And I’m sick and tired of this. I’m not here to ask for change anymore. I am here to remind these, these tyrants at the top, these evil doers, that, hey, when I said, ‘Don’t tread on me, don’t tread on me, but I’m not going to say don’t tread on me again. Ima say tread on me and see what happens!’

That’s my message nowadays because I am sick and tired of our forefathers is turning in their graves because this country was a country that was created by men with balls and now it’s run by idiots!

And we’re still sleeping. When is enough is enough? We say don’t tread on me. You fly that flag all the time, and they pass laws against the First Amendment. Guess what - when I came here, educated myself about the history of America, the first law against guns should have been the time to rise up. Should have been the time to rise up. There’s a reason why it says shall not infringe in there. That law right there, the reason why the government is attacking it, because that law gives the people a fighting chance against a tyrannical government that turns on them.

What’s the use of having it when we’re not putting it to good use? What’s the use? And yet, we’re still over here being led like sheeps. Now, right now, I’m calling on all my lions. Time to take a stand. Time to strike the fear of God in the hearts of tyrants and evil and tell them that know this country is by the people, for the people and we the people say no more.”

Loud cheers ensure and a man yells, “No more, brother!”

“And I know I got shot. Guess what? It’s not going to stop me. I said this in Olympia - the same way I’m standing right now with my crutch, I - this is how I give back to a country that gave me everything. And even if I lose my legs, I will be there. If I lose my hands, I will be there. As long as there’s breathe in my body, I will stand for what is right. I will fight for freedom and liberty in America.

The question was asked by the brother; What are you willing to sacrifice? They can’t lock us all up. The cannot. You know what the real virus is that is really holding this country back? Fear.”

He says to scattered agreement from the others.

“Fear. And I got a little something here for you. I want to read you this. So this verse right here -

Deuteronomy 31 verse 6: Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD (y)our God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.

Let me tell you something people, he never promised us - and I love this one song this gospel song - he never promised that our life is going to be without trouble, trials and tribulation, that if you pick up your cross and follow him it’s going to be easy. But one promise he made for you and me; I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Some say, “Amen!”

“You know why our country is in this uh state that we’re in right now? We start removing God from everything. There’s only one thing that replaces good when you remove it, that’s evil. And you need to start waking up. This is a spiritual war and if it has to turn physical, I’m ready for it.”

“Hell yeah!” someone yells.

“I’m ready for it.” Tiny repeats.

“Who will fight with us!?” the man yells

“I stood in Olympia.” Tiny continues.

“Who will fight with us!?”

I stood in Olympia and a lot of people was scared because of what I was saying. Saying, Tiny, you’re threatening politicians. I said, No. I’m reminding them of their place. Here’s the thing. I said to Inslee and all these tyrants. The time to light those cannons from 1775 to 76…I sign the Declaration is coming and you better be scared because when the people rise up and we’re on our way, we’re going to bring the rope with us to hang your treasonous ass! And they can hear that all they want. They can send people to try to lock Tiny up. I’m ready for it. Because I’ve already gave my word and my word is my bond - that I will take a stand for this country and if Tiny falls let 10 more, 20 more, a hundred more lions rise and take a stand!

Do not morn, you know, the falling of a warrior, but stand up and continue the mission, stand up. Stop retreating, start moving forward, return this country back to it’s foundation where in God we trust. Freedom is the culture and the Constitution is the law of the land.

Start waking up people. Start waking up. God bless all you guys. Tiny out. Red white and blue all the way.”