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Chapter 5 of PROUD BOY SHOT By ANTIFA ∴ Full In-Depth Story with Proof of Everything

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The thread from September 3rd recommences on September 4 at 10:59am1



At 1pm antifa was to meet in the nearby Sylvester Park according to Jeremy Lee Quinn (@JLeeQuinn), Chud Watch and so on, and “mobilize” at 2pm.

At approximately 1:59pm, the Free Press Media NEWS started livestreaming on Youtube. It must have been no later than 1:59pm because after the livestream started, he tweeted

Youtube does not specify what time livestreams begin but Facebook does and at 2:15pm thebcpreacher (the Black Conservative Preacher) started his livestream. Proud Boys and other patriots are present, including “Tiny”. Some sing in unison.

The yellow oval shows the area of the rally. Antifa gathered in the more northern red oval and then went to the area of the more southern red oval. The blue oval represents city hall (the police station is also there). The explosion symbol represents the location of the shooting (at the transit center).

At 2:15pm, according to according to Jeremy Lee Quinn (@JLeeQuinn), “Black Bloc”2 (antifa in black clothing) left Sylvester Park. They headed South-East to Centennial Park where the Black Conservative Preacher would spot them roughly 15 minutes later. See if you can spot Alissa Azar among the other antifa.

At about 2:19pm, Free Press Media NEWS is told, “apparently they’re 25 to 30” antifa marching their way. An other person says that they are 2 blocks away.

The black arrow represents the direction the Black Conservative Preacher’s took to the corner of Capitol and Union where he stopped, faced East along Union Ave toward antifa (represented by the red oval) and zoomed his camera in on them. These antifa originated from Sylvester park to the North, from the area of the red circle.

Starting at approximately 2:28pm (at about 13:50 in his livestream), the Black Conservative Preacher, now at the corner of Capitol Way and Union Avenue, zooms in toward Centennial Park to show some antifa standing there. About 1 minute later at about 2:29pm, they begin to head East away from the followed slowly by police in a white SUV. As we’ll see, Miguel would later say that they decided to hold, “a small march around downtown and wrapped over to city hall uh, where Candace Mercer running for Olympia City Council was supposed to be...”

At 2:30pm, according to Jeremy Lee Quinn “across the way from the state Capitol. The Black Bloc is positioned diagonally a square block away up on Washington Street.” The “guy w a dog in a medic hat” and the others with him, as we will later see, seemed to have been with the Patriots/Proud Boys.

At 20:14 in his stream, thus at approximately 2:35pm, the Black Conservative Preacher, now back at the rally, tells someone else that antifa has left. This person responds that antifa is going to city hall. The same person seems to relay this to the main group of Proud Boys and Patriots across the street at the capitol. The Black Conservative Preacher says that he doesn’t know if that’s where they were headed but the main group across the street seemed unsurprised to hear antifa was headed to city hall. They did, after all, know that antifa planned to go to city hall to stop Candace Mercer from exercising her rights.

Moments later a group of patriots/Proud Boys marched out to intercept antifa before they could get too close to the rally (which included children).

Miguel would later say, as he stroked his chin, that antifa “had people driving by the capitol” and that they “saw that they had 50 plus Proud Boys, just Proud Boys. I - that’s - I mean that - just Proud Boys or patriot types but like not - basically their entire rally was there for a fight. Their entire rally was there for violence. Um, normally they would bring in like half just old people with flags and like young kids like WOOO!” he said, imitating a young kid waving a flag. He sighs heavily and continues, “So because of this determination, because we saw the crowd differentiation, we decided that uh, we decided to go ahead and talk a walk. Um people were like, yeah, we’re not going to go up to the capitol, this is too much of a risk, we do not want to fight them. I’m like, alright that’s -” he corrects himself, “ - we all determined that that was the best move and so we held a small march around downtown and wrapped over to city hall uh, where Candace Mercer running for Olympia City Council was supposed to be holding a video shoot.”

This is consistent with Jeremy Lee Quinn’s tweet in which he states that at 2:39pm the Proud Boys/Patriots group were heading to city hall while antifa was also heading to city hall but were some blocks North-East at the time…

At about 2:46pm (0:26 in his stream), the Black Conservative Preacher notes, “So this guy over here in the black - he’s been up in the park the whole time, he’s trailing. Um, he’s been by himself the whole time. He’s been by himself the whole time. I don’t know who he is or what he’s doing. Just hanging back. He was sitting down. Back at the park, he walked by - like when I first got there, right around 1 o’clock - he walked by - he could be a scout, he could be, you know, an officer undercover, I don’t know.”

At about 2:47pm, the Proud Boy/patriot group heading North on Capitol Way turned left onto 8th Avenue, heading East, then turn left onto Washington Street to head North.

Shortly thereafter, the man in question is walking a few paces ahead of the Black Conservative Preacher who whispers, “This guy right here in front of me.” Could he have been Jeremy Lee Quinn?

The group turns right onto 5th Avenue and heads East and shortly thereafter, the Black Conservative Preacher notes that, “Cops are now tailing this group here.” They turn right onto Adams Street heading South-East. They turn left onto 5th Ave to head East.

As they reach the intersection of 5th Ave and Franklin St (marked with a blue star on the map below) at about 2:49pm, (starting at 49:05 in the Free Press Media NEWS livestream) they spot antifa. At 50:40 in the same stream (about 2:50pm) as they reach the intersection at Adams St (marked with a green star), someone in the group shouts, “Don’t be distracted, her speech is at 3. She wants us there at 3.” It seems to be a reference to Candace Mercer’s appearance at city hall.

Jeremy Lee Quinn tweets that they spotted antifa near 4th Ave and Jefferson. This would have been one block North of their position at the time (marked above by a capital letter A).

Antifa heads East toward city hall. Antifa can be seen passing in front of city hall (Candace was not there yet) in Jeremy Lee Quinn’s tweeted video here

The channel Mary Todd has a video titled “Black Bloc Antifa who were present moments before shooting in Olympia, WA. September 4, 2021.” which slows and pauses the footage above by Jeremy Lee Quinn for, well, analytics.

The Proud Boys/patriots continue East and turn left onto Cherry St to head North to city hall. On their livestreams, BCP and FPMN note police in the area. “Yep. Right there. That’s where they’re at,” FPMN says as they turn left onto Cherry St just South of city hall, “and there’s bike cops right there! There’s bike cops right there and they’re not even doing anything. There’s half, there’s a half dozen bike cops - oh they just stated moving.”

They turn right onto 4th Ave, rounding the corner of city hall. Antifa is just down the street. Someone of them filmed the Proud Boy/patriot group coming around the corner at this point. They call out Miguel’s name. Antifa crosses over 4th Ave to head North on Chestnut St with the Proud Boys/patriots chasing after them. It is at this point that the video Andy Ngo uploaded was filmed.

They turn left down the ally. Then some split off and chase after antifa from a different direction.

While not everyone takes the same route, Free Press Media NEWS, the Black Conservative Preacher and others take the route marked by the arrow below to the Transit Center to the area marked by the star. By now, there are only a few in close pursuit. The others have fallen behind. The man with the dog mentioned earlier and others that were with him, like the man in the colorful shirt, are not far behind.

At 45:08 in the BCP stream, “Drop the gun!” can be heard followed by 5 rounds starting at 45:10. According to detective Shon Malone, there were five 9mm shell casings found at the scene.

3:00pm (approximately3)

Mary Todd deserves a lot of credit for releasing the CCTV videos, for synchronizing them in compilations, slowing them down and taking excellent stills from these videos.4

As shown in the videos, after the shots were fired, the antifas run West with the shooter taking the hindmost. Miguel Lofland and Jessica O’Conner can be seen among them. Alyssa Azar does not seem to be with them.

The shooter breaks off from the group to head North-West across Olympia Avenue while they continue West.

They continue West across Washington Street into an ally and out of sight.

According to a statement by detective Malone…

The suspect is seen on video at the IT Transit Center and is seen running north off the property. Security video can track the suspect to the southwest corner of the Quality Self Storage eastern most building.

…I successfully obtained a search warrant for Quality Self Storage security video and was able to see the suspect run north on the east side Washington St NE. This security video was able to track the suspect while on the property and when he left the property, still north bound on the eastside of Washington St NE. The was seen turning east into an alley behind the Union Gospel Mission, 413 Franklin St NE. A short time later the suspect is seen exiting the same alley, now wearing a bright yellowish/greenish t-shirt. The suspect then continues north on Washington St NE.

Below I have marked out the routes taken by the antifas starting at the ! mark where the shooting occurred. The ? marks indicate that from those points the directions they took are unknown. This map does not show certain buildings can be seen in the videos, particularly the building to the North East of the transit center and the shelters the shooter passed as he approached the storage center.

Back to the statement

I was able to obtain security video from the Union Gospel Mission that showed the suspect running eastbound in the alley behind the tiny homes at the Union Gospel Mission. The suspect is seen removing his outer clothing and changing into the bright yellowish/greenish tshirt. In the video I was able to see that the front of the t-shirt had a dark colored roundish logo/writing. The suspect discarded his black t-shirt and beanie/watch cap in the alley. In the video I can see that the suspect is wearing dark framed eyeglasses and has a somewhat pointy face. The suspect also has short dark hair and little, or no, facial hair. The video quality is not good enough to clearly identify, facially, the person. On this security video the suspect is last seen turning north on Washington St NE…

…I have not been able to find any other video or evidence of where the suspect went after leaving the alley and heading north on Washington St NE.




Haley Adams was there and would later post these photos...

Tiny would discuss his experience being shot, his injury and prognosis in an interview with Villain Report.

AbrahamLincoln (@AbLincolnGhost) would later tweet this video from the scene…

Meanwhile, the shooter ran “to the southwest corner of the Quality Self Storage eastern most building. Quality Self Storage is located at 325 Washington St NE” according to a Police Detective report according to En Volve.

This video was taken by Jeremy, it seems, and tweeted some time later.

The same applies for this tweet.

This was uploaded by Olympia Photography & Olympia News Network

As the Proud Boys and Patriots marched back towards the rally, some encountered Alissa. At 3:14pm, Alissa tweeted




At 4:05pm, Joey Gibson, who has stood with and marched side by side with Tiny on many occasions tweeted


Referring to Alissa, Candace tweeted

This video shows that they did grab her…

The following day, Alissa would give the following narrative about the incident…








Melissa, the less-than accurate or honest groupie of Alissa, tweeted

However, it seems that Alisa Azar was among the other antifa. Remember this tweet from above?

The image below compares still images from the video of antifa in Sylvester Park that day and video showing Alissa running away from the Proud Boys/Patriots some time later near the Intercity Transit Center.

Over a still image from Alyssa’s tweet above (wherein she acknowledges that it shows her from behind) I overlaid images from Jeremey Lee Quinn’s tweeted video from above. Notice the same hair tied in the same way, the boots, white socks, pants, backpack and shirt

Andy Ngo tweeted

Primetime Patriot would ask a few days later…

…and tweet

Relevant to this, is this tweet from in June

According to Alissa’s comrade Melissa “Claudio” Lewis (who identifies as “Antifascist and Anarchist Writer, Videographer”)…

She deleted this tweet after a comrade asked her, “Why are you posting footage and identifying and tagging comrades?” but not before it was archived. Think about this for a moment - she says she is a videographer and antifa and an anarchist and she is told by other antifa to not share her videography of her fellow antifa. How anarchist!

According to Antifa Watch, Melissa was there. The tweet below links to the tweet Melissa deleted that we saw above.

At any rate, notice that Melissa calls what you saw Alissa do in the video above “defensive action”. Melissa thinks Andy Ngo being assaulted is funny, apparently.

More importantly, she calls cold-blooded ambush murder by self-identified antifa “self defense”!

The point here is that perhaps, then, Melissa is not the best judge or the most honest or accurate reporter of what exactly happened with Alissa. She sure is fun to truth troll, though.

Behold what trolling Haley Adams hath wrought

Someone going by Ara America on Youtube put out some videos expressing her uneasiness with her comrades’ behavior including, “For The Left” wherein she threatens to turn in some people. She also put out “Keep It Honest Or We Will” in which, among other things, she addresses Alyssa Azar, (starting at 2:08) saying,

Alyssa, you fucked up. You said things happened to you that didn’t. There’s one post out there where you said you got punched. Bitch, you didn’t get punched. There’s one post out there that says you got thrown on the ground and maced. Bitch, you didn’t get thrown on the ground and you didn’t get maced. The only mace that happened was a little pf pf spray away from your face and as he did it, he said, “Get the fuck out of here.” because of the shit you were doing and the fact that Tiny just got shot. Be thankful that that’s what happened and not something else. You deserve a lot worse, bitch, a lot fucking worse. Stop lying. Both sides need to stop lying.

I have asked her if she could specify what, in her view, the patriot/Proud Boy side has lied about. I have also asked her for clarification on a statement she made near the end of her video wherein, though she calls the so-called antifascists out for being hypocrites, she also said…

The same thing goes for the right. Stop calling yourselves patriots. You’re not fucking patriots. You’re just as bad as them, you just call yourself something else. We’re fucking watching and we’re not gonna stop. Stop cancelling people. Stop lying and then we’ll stop.

I have been too busy to really look into it but it seems to me that she is going through a painful awakening through, at least in part, shock over what happened in Portland on August 7th in addition to her dealings with and the behavior of antifa. She calls some of them out by name for lies, hypocrisy and so on and warns that she may name some names to get some people in trouble if they don’t improve their dealings with her.

At some point on the afternoon of the shooting, PrimetimePatriot filmed the crime scene, found bullet casings and so on.












However, Tiny had a club (not a baseball bat as some reported).


This person would later add

At 7:20pm, Candace Mercer commented on her own post about her press conference and her relief that there was no violence. Then at 8:33pm, she commented…


Backing up a few minutes to 10:12pm, Candace posted this on Facebook…

Today a man took a bullet protecting me. That man is a Proud Boy. Not any PB, but one of their leaders, a Samoan man named Tiny. Tiny has been on Antifa's kill list. He, along with Enrique Tarrio, are high profile in the PB organization. I have never met them, or communicated with them.

I was having a rally/video shoot at City Hall. Antifa made open plans to attack me and shut me down. See an earlier post. The Proud Boys saw this and decided, on their own initiative to protect me. I did not ask for their help, and feared having them at my event.

We did the shoot at City Hall and it was drama free. I had one antifa verbally abuse me, but I ignored him and continued w the shoot. Jason Borean of Bard's Eye View did a live stream of me speaking and taking a few questions.

When we drove up to City Hall, we saw the street blocked off by the Transit Center and found it curious. We did our shoot. I shot at my house, Ensign, City Hall, Wheeler, Mitigation Site, Artesian Well, Le Voy, Heritage Park and finally the Law Enforcement Memorial up at the Capitol.

The shoot was smooth and absolutely enjoyable. We got great footage for my campaign video.

I came home exhausted, I left it all on the table. I was checking in on social media and was alerted to the shooting by a source.

Here is Andy Ngo's reporting from Twitter.

Here is what I have been able to ascertain from various sources.

PB and antifa were at the Capitol. Antifa was outnumbered so decided to head to my event to attack me. The PB, on their own initiative, decided to protect me. I am not sure why, I have never had contact with them. When I found out, I tried to get a message through that this is my event, and I do not want violence.

Contrary to what Miguel Lofland reports, I do not have ties to the PB. I did not know who or how to contact them. Someone who alerted me to their plans gave me a contact. I reached out and asked them to please respect my wishes for a fun safe nonviolent event.

I told them how important this is for me, and that if I am even seen with PB, it could tank my campaign. People are looking for ways to smear me, and having PB at my rally would be a disaster.

It seems that possible that message got through? As they did not show up. I was grateful for a smooth, pleasant and safe shoot for my team. I was worried about my cameraman especially as they go after the camera people first. I also had the 1976 Ford F-250 truck to be concerned about, as well as my signs etc. I was 4th or 5th on the list for protection.

Last night, a friend brought me a professional grade gas mask out of concern for my lungs and how being gassed could hurt me. I spent an hour getting briefed and practicing how to use it. It felt unreal.

I was ready to take a blow or get pepper sprayed for the first time in my life. This is not be being a drama queen. I knew I could get hurt. I did get hurt....I got a HUGE bruise on my shin from the hitch of the truck. But I was not beat up or sprayed or verbally abused.

I am in a very uncomfortable position of having the Proud Boys to thank for me and my team being able to work in blissful oblivion. I am not connected in any way to the Proud Boys and I am open in denouncing political violence no matter what side it comes from.

I am not OK with melees and hand to hand brawls. I believe principled nonviolent resistance is the only way to do activism.

This is the THIRD shooting in Oly over politics. Other people have been beaten. Last year, a homeless man was sprayed in the face w spray paint. There is Eddie Hepfer's blood on the pavement near where I gave my speech today.

THIS IS OLYMPIA 2021. A bad fanfic derivative YA dystopian novel. This is wrong.

This was open gunfire at the TRANSIT CENTER. 5 or 6 shots were fired. On a SATURDAY AFTERNOON IN OLYMPIA A MAN WAS SHOT. The antifa shooter is in custody and I will be FOIA the event and will report when I get it, a couple months from now.

I called OPD twice this week about my concerns. Yesterday I asked point blank, can I feel confident you will protect me? I was told I need to be prepared to protect myself. So I lined up people to give me intelligence, follow antifa, watch from afar. We positioned our vehicles for immediate exit, and I kept a small footprint so if we had to evacuate I would not have regrets over what was left behind.

THIS. I am running for city council and this is what I have to do? I have to get fucking bodyguards to appear in public?

When are you all going to wake up and take this seriously? When are you going to say this is WRONG? What more is it going to take?

If not this week, because I might have shoot part 2, but soon I am going to go before the council and demand protection and that they denounce what happened this weekend. Last year, my opponent Clark Gilman, wrote a "Love Letter to my Friends In Black." That is the approach they are taking to a gang of thugs intent on physical harm.

I am livid.

And now I am in debt to the Proud Boys. I did not ask for this debt but here we are.

What do I owe this man? I did not ask for his help but he DID keep me safe from afar. He took a bullet for me. This is something I have no reference point to make sense of.

For any of you who are left, who have thought I am making this shit up, or being crazy or an attention seeking drama queen, the shit got real today.

Me wanting to have a fun sign giveaway at City Hall for my campaign video set off a chain of events over which I had no control, but which are now on my conscience.

A man was shot, and the shooter fucked up his life up. Over nothing really. A video shoot.

May Tiny recover, and may the shooter find their moral compass.

Why do they find me so threatening that I must be shut down? Why are they scared of an old woman?

I did not ask for this fight, but I will never take the knee. I will go down fighting.

We are being asked to accept that which should not be accepted.

We need to say enough is enough and make this stop.

I need to get on the council. THIS IS WHY.

Video of antifa burning my campaign poster. This is the opening shot of my video.

Candace also wrote, “Why Does Antifa Want to “Creatively Silence” Me?” which is too long to include here. It is a long version of the above, but recommended.

11:30pm, The BCP tweets

The BCP is Quincy Anatello, the man in the Jesus hat. The woman with him is his wife Jamie Anatello AKA Frankly Jamee. They have a few children ranging from a few months to a young teen. They were all among the peaceful people in a park in Portland on August 7th who were attacked by antifa.

Haley Adams posted this

At some point on this day, this was disseminated…

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“OK, now I caught wind of counterprotesters to anfifa. Lovely! Hopefully I can be an effective leader and avoid a melee situation. If not, you will see me on the news. I am practicing radical decency today. I am going to channel Ghandhi, Dr. King, Nelson Mandela...I just wanted to have fun meeting supporters in real life and get some cool video shots. Wah wah wah. But such is life in Olympia in 2021. For those who believe the NYT over me, do you think I am making this up? Why would I?”


“Black Bloc” is spelled without the last k as in “Communist Bloc”, “Soviet Bloc”, “political bloc”, “trade bloc”, or “voting bloc”.


According to a probable cause statement by Olympia PD detective Shon Malone published by the The Epoch Times, the shooting occurred at 1500hrs or 3:00pm PST. It certainly occurred before 3:03pm when this was tweeted tweeted


Mary Todd (who is doing stellar work and who has saved me a lot of time and labor by doing this) tweeted many excellent stills from the CCTV videos:

(untitled) [archive]

Angle 1: "Bay B Bench" [archive]

Angle 2: "Bay B Bike Rack" [archive]

Angle 3: "Bay B Transit Corridor" [archive]

Angle 4: "Bay E Bench" [archive]

Angle 5: "Washington Street" [archive]


Michael Kotas Thanks man. What a fucking shitshow. Bad enough I have to deal w Antifa now there are rumours the PB want to make me their pet. I am coping well and with good humor considering. I got the PR. I wanted spectacle but not this. A gang of 30 of them fully armed came to hurt me. It is weird to be in that position psychologically, and then a group of 30 wanted to protect me, and they did, with one of them getting shot. I have no reference to make sense of this. And that I was unaware, is scary, as I thought I had people giving me information and nothing.”