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Chapter 6 of PROUD BOY SHOT By ANTIFA ∴ Full In-Depth Story with Proof of Everything

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September 4th

Many cheered and laughed about Tiny being shot. Some said antifa did it and applauded the act. Some claimed it was friendly-fire. Some perpetuated #TinyShotHimself1. Less than an hour after the shooting, this was tweeted at 3:53pm

…and at 4:01pm

At 4:09pm, Melissa tweeted

Notice, by the way, that she’s saying that the left are a “bad shot”, at least in Olympia.

At 4:17pm, antifa sympathizer Zakir Khan started to tweet misinfo about it…

Zakir follows and is followed by various antifas, including Alissa and Melissa as well as Gregory Robert McKelvey, aspiring communist politician Sarah Iannaronne in Portland, Portland commissioner Jo An Hardesty and CAIR.

The meme reads, “This is Zakir Khan who claims to be a "civil rights advocate". He retweets Antifa & helps to spread their propaganda. After Tiny was shot, he simply declared misinfo from Antifa to be true. He follows/is followed by CAIR, Antifa and Portland city commissioner Jo An Hardesty. CAIR, antifa, Hardesty, etc. all work with each other. He claims to be for civil rights but supports a terrorist group (Antifa) that is against civil rights such as freedom of speech & the freedom to gather in public.”

As I have demonstrated in past reports, commissioner Hardesty, CAIR and local antifa all seem to be close with each other, watch and share each other’s social media and share the same narrative. This seems to apply to Zakir as well who follows CAIR National and other such groups. Commissioner Hardesty, CAIR, antifa and Khan all seem to want to get rid of police and replace them with antifa and shariah patrols, though I would imagine the agenda goes further than just that.

When Zakir Khan tweets that he sees reports of people saying stuff, it seems he means he sees antifa claiming something on social media (and He then promptly propagates the lie).




Wrap your head around this - a white fascist who identifies as anti-fascist shot a brown man who is actually against fascism, and Zakir Khan who identifies as a “Civil Rights Advocate. Storyteller. Muslim.” and “1u” tweets this

He’s not talking about antifa targeting “soft targets” like Candace. He’s talking about brown skinned freedom fighters like Tiny focusing on a white guy with a gun (who shot him)! This is coming from a “civil rights advocate”! Bullshit! Khan is an agitator. He incites. He is a terrorist sympathizer. He sympathizes with antifa and CAIR and helps to spread their anti-American, anti-civil rights terrorist propaganda.

Out of one side of his mouth, Khan complains that the police did nothing about the Proud Boys vs antifa clash…

…and out of the other he contradicts himself


Later that night, Khan would tweet



As a person who, like Tiny, has been attacked by antifa and who, like Tiny, has been a person named in graffiti as a person antifa wants to kill, despite being, like Tiny, a person that antifa claims to protect from fascists, at 4:45pm, Andy tweeted

As a woman who has been attacked by antifa, and as a mother whose children have been attacked by antifa, a group that claims to defend her as a woman and a person of color, Jamee Anatello posted this at 4:52pm

At 5:46pm Andy Ngo tweeted some examples, including antifa sympathizer Zakir Khan.

Backing up 3 minutes…



They continue the following day.

September 5th


Miguel Lofland instagrammed the following which he has since removed…

At 11:58am the Olympia Police Department bungled the date of the shooting in this tweet

Someone responded

…to which these keystone caper clown cops replied

“Whoops”, huh? Is that official Oly PD terminology?

At 12:09pm The Common Sense Conservative gave his first hand account of the day.

He also tweeted this

Among other things, in that video above, Robert explains that they were aware of antifa’s threats against Candace at City Hall and the rally attendees at the Capitol Building. He says that at some point they gathered that antifa were not going to show up at the rally but that they were going to assault Candace at City Hall and that they had to protect her because the police wouldn’t. He says, starting at 5:19, he says that after the incidents of the day, as they were getting ready to leave, some state troopers came to talk with them and he says that he explained to them that if they did their job, the patriots and Proud Boys wouldn’t have to come there to do it for them. He says, once again, that they came there only because antifa made it “very, very public that they were going to come and assault an old lady for simply giving a speech - running for office and the cops weren’t going to do a damn thing.”

He then shows video he recorded with a second camera (second to the camera he used to livestream).


Blundering Melissa, always good for some laughs, is suggesting that “this person” shot Tiny by saying that they are “fighting a Reinhoel situation”. Again, Reinhoel was an antifa who was filmed shooting a patriot and went into hiding from law enforcement.


The City of Olympia shared “City Manager’s statement on the September 4 demonstration and shooting incident” by Olympia City Manager Jay Burney on Facebook and Twitter

This thread, starting as 6:58pm addresses some of the disinfo.



However, Tiny had a club (not a baseball bat as the Daily Kos reported).

At 8:26pm PST, Candace told me in a comment on one of her posts

I wanted to chose my words carefully. I do not want to escalate, but set a tone as to what I stand for and what my rules are. This is a confusing situation. I benefited from the PB clearing the space for me. I really do not know what to think of that. Had they not done it, I could have gotten hurt. Or my team. The weirdest part, and a bit scary as my own security plan failed, is that we had ZERO idea of the goings on until I got home. That is weird AF. And this being done in my name is weird. on both sides. I am a NPC in the LARP. It is a feeling of powerlessness, so words are all I have.


I am a committed pacifist, I have trouble thinning my plants

At some point on this date, Olympia Photography & Olympia News Network uploaded this video that Miguel had uploaded to his Instagram.

A little after the first minute, Miguel complains that there were only about twenty antifa and that there were about “fifty plus Proud Boys - just Proud Boys…or patriot types”. He goes on to complain that usually there would be a lot of old ladies and kids waving flags at such events. No joke. He more-or-less complains that this time their intended victims were able-bodied men who could fight back.

They apparently ran some reconnaissance because they were aware that they were outmatched and they decided to not go to the Capitol. He says their whole rally (meaning the End the Mandates rally) was there for a fight. Let’s think about this - these patriots put together a rally to protest an overly authoritarian government, what antifa should be doing if they really were against “fascism”, and antifa, in response to this planned rally, decided to show up for conflict and to do so on the side of the government, against the freedom-loving people who exercising their constitutional rights to protest for liberty. What were antifa there for? Conflict. They exist to use threats/violence in attempt to prevent people from exercising their rights. They don’t word it that way, but they admit that they exist to silence people they accuse of being fascist. So, in other words, they are fascist. They admit that they exist to prevent certain people from exercising their rights, so they acknowledge that they are fascist.

Downtown Olympia, WA. The red and blue star marks the State Capitol Building, the red and white star marks City Hall and the blue and white star marks the bus station where the shooting occurred.

Miguel says they decided to march to City Hall where Candace was to hold her video shoot. He accuses her of being fascist while demonstrating that he is fascist by being openly against liberty and rights. He says she “very much” coordinates with the Proud Boys from City Hall and he hints that she thinks that the Proud Boys protect her from antifa but that she is not safe from antifa. What sort of inferior, little, pussy-boy, pantifa, sissy, coward gloats about bullying a woman that could be his grandmother? This is the face of the worst of society, a vile, spoiled, privileged, parasitic, pariah.

We’ve seen his posts about how they had to show up at City Hall to oppose her on this date. He calls her fascist. He admits they showed up where they knew she was going to be (at City Hall) and he insults everyone’s intelligence by also claiming that they were not there for her!

He says that once they got to City Hall (Candace had not yet arrived) they heard the group of patriots and Proud Boys coming around the corner scream “Fuck antifa!” and, upon seeing him, “There’s Miguel!” and so on. He says they were chased, that one of them was jumped (which is true) and sprayed with mace (which is not true as far as I can tell) and that they opened the door to some place and “maced all inside.” which is also untrue as far as I have been able to determine.

He also says that Tiny either shot himself or was shot by a Proud Boy. He was there, so he knows he is lying. he also makes some claim about the Proud Boys stabbing each other. As far as I can tell, he just made that up, like other things he said, such as that he is 99% sure that Tiny is a snitch.

He goes on to laugh and joke about Tiny being shot. He then urges people to “hate” Candace Mercer (his words, not mine). Compare this to the so-called “Nazi” Joey Gibson who recently urged people to act out of love and not hate (see about 5 minutes into this video).

He claims that one of her neighbors said that “leading up to” that day, she had “Proud Boys vehicles” at her house the night before. He complains about how she said online after the fact that the Proud Boys went to City Hall to protect her. He called for people to show up to confront her. He admits they knew she was there. He says they went there. Yet, he says that when Candace says these things, she is lying somehow and threatens to use the force of the law to silence her. He wants you to think he and his fellow antifa are against fascism. This clown says that Candace is “literally a Nazi” without irony.

I am a bit stunned at this guy. He repeatedly admits why they were at City Hall and repeatedly denies it as well. He thoroughly discredits himself. He lies, lies, lies, and lies some more while making it clear that he is not against fascism, but rather is fascist. He goes on to say that it was the most afraid he has ever been in his life and says he needs to take a break from putting himself in danger and asks for money to arm himself. Near the end of his video he urges certain people to censor other people on Facebook who were commenting that Miguel shot Tiny. Not exactly against fascism, is he?

September 6th

Some eyes looked to Aaron Jacob Siegler who, according to this source, has been known to carry a handgun in Olympia.



5:22pm Oly PD tweeted…

September 7th



Miguel Lofland who seemed to have disappeared from the scene is back at the propaganda, lies, and calls for terrorism.









Last updated Sept 30th.

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