Chapter 1 of PROUD BOY SHOT By ANTIFA ∴ Full In-Depth Story with Proof of Everything

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Once again, antifa plotted to use threats/violence (terrorism) to stop people from exercising their rights, suspiciously synched (but not surprisingly so) with the sadistic state’s sinister schemes.

Once again, the police had little to no interest in protecting the people antifa publicly planned to attack.

Once again, the much maligned and maliciously slandered Proud Boys1 stepped in to fill that void.

Once again, a Proud Boy was injured by antifa in the process.

Once again, antifa lied about it.

Once again, I prove it all.

On Saturday, September 4th, 2021 in Olympia, Washington, a Proud Boy named Tusitala Toese (nicknamed “Tiny”, full name here) was shot by a retreating antifa as he and his fellow Proud Boys/patriots diverted antifa away from one of their targets that day, “a 58 year old disabled lady” by the name of Candace Mercer who is running for Olympia City Council.

As someone who identifies as a woman, as an age-challenged person and as a differently-abled person, Candace, in their own protocol, is at the intersection of 3 “protected groups” that antifa, as justification for their existence, claims to defend. This means that antifa planned to attack someone who is in not just one “specially protected class of victims”, but three. That’s a triple violation by their own dogma. This is unsurprising to those who pay attention to antifa’s track record of attacking members of all the major “marginalized groups” [archive].

Candace was to appear at City Hall as part of her campaign and the local antifa planned to violate her right to speak in public with threats/violence (terrorism). As Bard Eye News tweeted

The patriot/Proud Boys group were in the process of chasing antifa away from Olympia City Hall when one of them was pushed by Tiny, then shoved by an other man, then ran a few steps, turned around and fired 5 rounds (apparently 9mm) at them, shooting Tiny through his ankle/foot with one of them.

To quote En Volve,

“Anti-fascism” means shooting people who oppose forcing the entire population to take experimental vaccinations on behalf of Big Pharma.

We must “start the revolution” by putting Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla in charge of a new world order.

Now, in late September 2021, a suspect has been arrested.

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The professed views of the Proud Boys are libertarian and fall on the lower half of the pyramid. The professed views of antifa vary from anarchism to communism while their actual behavior and their real world stance on freedom of speech and freedom of association and the freedom to peaceable assembly, for example, prove that they are on the authoritarian half of the pyramid to say the least. In other words, much of what is claimed about the Proud Boys is true of antifa and the common misconception that antifa are against fascism (as in “a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control” - Merriam-Webster) is actually true of the Proud Boys.