Tips, Rumors & Antifa Turning Against Each Other

Chapter 7 of PROUD BOY SHOT By ANTIFA ∴ Full In-Depth Story with Proof of Everything

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Following the shooting on September 4th, police and patriots searched for the shooter.

After Benjamin Varela was arrested, some people on both sides speculated that Miguel Lofland turned him in.

September 13th, 3:39am Haley Adams tweeted

Also at 3:39am




September 23rd, 9:33pm

However, the detective’s statement published by the Epoch Times made no mention of Miguel as part of the investigation. At any rate, if the statement is accurate there would have been no need for Miguel Lofland’s input to identify Benjamin Varela as the shooter.

That does not mean that Miguel did not snitch, however. Miguel is easily identifiable in some of the video footage and may have been apprehended and taken in for questioning.

According to Andy Ngo, Miguel has been apprehended in the past.

Shortly after the shooting, Miguel put out a video in which he claimed he was taking a break from activism. He then deleted his Instagram.

The Epoch Times would later publish a probable cause statement (dated September 23rd) from the Olympia PD Detective Bureau regarding the shooting. According to this statement, the shooting suspect, Benjamin Anthony Varela, and one of the other antifas involved in the incident, Jessica O’Conner, are (or at least were) a couple.

...The suspect is seen approaching City Hall holding the hand of another individual. This individual is wearing all black clothing, but what stands out is a large grayish square patch on the back of this person’s jacket. The patch has some type of design/picture on it. The suspect and this person are seen together and occasionally holding hands while at City Hall on security video.

I have shown these features below.

The statement also reads…

Later during the shooting, the person seen earlier holding hands with the suspect is seen on IT Transit security video during the shooting. This person now has their facial mask removed and the quality of the video is of good enough quality that we are able to see hand, knuckle, facial tattoos, and dark black hair with a straight bang style haircut. These tattoos are later matched with other data bases detailed below. The person is wearing the same jacket with the same large grayish square patch on it.

A search of several data bases; to include booking photographs, open-source internet sites, and Department of Licensing, we were able to identify the person as Jessica Lynn OConnor DOB 10/08/1986. Jessica OConnor was positively identified not only by physicals, but also by visible hand tattoos that were seen in IT Transit’s security video, open-source internet sites, and booking photographs. Jessica OConnor’s hand/knuckle tattoos are a combination of letters and designs. Jessica OConnor was further identified by facial tattoos seen on IT Transit video that are also on her DOL photograph. Her facial tattoos consist of two parallel horizontal blue lines. Jessica OConnor also has dark black hair with a straight bang haircut style…

Apparently she and the shooter are (or were) a couple…

…Jessica OConnor confirmed that she and Benjamin Varela are in a dating relationship and have lived together for a couple of months. She told me on September 4th she was with Benjamin Varela in downtown Olympia. She confirmed she and Benjamin were dressed in all black and were with a group of others dressed in black. She told me they were at Sylvester Park downtown and walked to City Hall. She told me that she and Benjamin held hands on the way to City Hall…

But apparently she snitched on him…

…I had obtained a search warrant for XXXXXX and during that search warrant had found a handgun in a locked container under the sole bed in the sole bedroom. Also in the container was Jessica OConnor’s Covid Card and Credit Card. Jessica told me the handgun was not hers and it belonged to Benjamin. She told me all guns and gun related items belonged to Benjamin.

Something tells me these two aren’t going to last as a couple.

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