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Chapter 3 of PROUD BOY SHOT By ANTIFA ∴ Full In-Depth Story with Proof of Everything

(Last updated Oct 7, 3pm)

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Here’s my video breakdown of the livestream video of the shooting by the Free Press Media NEWS.

There were 5 shots in rapid succession starting at 59:49 in the Free Press media News livestream. This was at 1500 hours PST or 3:00pm Pacific Standard Time according to a report by detective Malone. Multiple antifa in black bloc attire can be seen to our right. Tiny, wearing a black helmet, black vest, black shirt, blue jeans, and holding a riot shield and a long club (which means he was not brandishing a gun as some claim) is seen headed their way followed by a man in a light vest over dark shirt, a man in dark clothes and gas mask followed by an other man in a light vest and American flag shirt.

Tiny can be distinguished by his riot shield, blue jeans, black shirt and black vest. The two men following closest behind Tiny can not be seen in this frame.
Tiny can still be seen with his shield and helmet, the man in the light vest over dark shirt and gas mask and man in dark clothes are ducking.

The Free Press Media News guy is heard saying that he got hit with some ricochet. He would tweet this later that night…

At a later date, this security camera footage would be released confirming my assessment above…

It is available on the Youtube channel Mary Todd in slow motion.

The man in dark clothes and gas mask bashes himself into the shooter moments before the shooting (see 10:07 in this video). The antifa shooter then recomposing himself, takes a few steps, turns around, and shoots five rounds, hitting Tiny with one of the rounds. At 10:19 in this video, the man in the dark cloths and gas mask says that he, “battle-rammed” the guy with the gun. He described the shooter as being, “skinny, about 5 foot 7-8, um, he had the keys in the back of his hip right here,” he said while gesturing to his back right hip area, “He fell into the bush after I battle-rammed him and then he got up. I seen it, I didn’t think it was a real gun, and then he got up and ran and pulled out and started firing,” he said while gesturing as if he was pulling a pistol out of his back right hip area and firing it.

The man in the light vest over the black shirt (wearing Proud Boys head gear) gives his account starting at 10:52 in the same video.

On September 7th, Sean William Ashley would post this…


A police detective’s probable cause statement on this would later be released. Working with clear security camera video footage, this detective’s assessment of what happen agrees with my own assessment based on the Free Press Media News livestream.

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